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Concrete Sealing

Whatever type of outdoor pavement you have, whether you prefer an invisible or gloss sealer, we have a range of sealers that are suitable for most surfaces.

Sealing is not a miracle product like some companies claim, but on average it reduces cleaning and maintenance by 50%. And helps prevent food staining, particularly on porous surfaces.

Why Seal Pavers?

  • Sealant can protect pavers from UV rays, water and other natural elements, to keep the colour as fresh as the day they were installed. Pavers lose their colour without sealing, and after five years that colour loss may be irreversible.
  • Sealing protects pavers against oil spills and other stains. This is especially important on driveways!
  • Sealer that gets in-between the pavers helps hold the joint sand in place and resists mildew, insect attack and weed growth.
  • Sealing makes pavers easier to clean.
  • Sealing makes pavers tougher and more resistant to wear, by increasing their surface density.
  • Sealing helps prevent efflorescence, that chalky white coating that sometimes appears on concrete

We also have a range of specialized systems which include sealing for concrete polishing and colour staining for presentation finishes.

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